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Reinis Jaunais (LV)

21.3.24, 19:00
Brauerei Oerlikon
Schärenmoosstrasse 105, 8052 Zürich

Travel experiences painted with sounds - that is how you would describe the music of Reinis Jaunais, a musician from Riga, Latvia. Reinis has been performing all over the world for many years sharing his exceptional guitar skills and unique songs. His music combines distinctive guitar playing techniques - including fingerstyle, tapping, percussive, and looping.

He has been composing his own songs since 2005 when he was busking and hitchhiking around Europe and Asia. For the last few years Reinis has played over 200 concerts a year, released 9 music albums and has toured all around Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Mehr Infos hier.

Eintritt frei, mit Kollekte.

Bar ab 14 Uhr, Konzert 20 Uhr.

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