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12.5.23, 18:00
Brauerei Oerlikon
Schärenmosstrasse 105, 8052 Zürich

An ambassador of diverse musical genres, Bronson Tennis infuses rhythms from North America, the Caribbean and South America with songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Performing as a solo artist with guitar, vocals and foot percussion, his high-energy music moves audiences across the US, Latin America, Europe and his hometown Philadelphia.

Bronson’s driving rhythm, relatable songwriting and impromptu storytelling transport listeners to the street corners, outdoor plazas, living rooms, rustic venues and lively music festivals where he has immersed himself in a surprising variety of musical styles such as Salsa, Samba, Country, Merengue, Rock, Bossa Nova, Boleros, Funk and Reggae.

Eintritt frei, mit Kollekte.

Bar ab 14 Uhr, Konzert 20 Uhr.

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