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Ryan Tennis & Emily Drinker

6.4.23, 18:00
Brauerei Oerlikon
Schärenmoosstrasse 105, 8052 Zürich

Hailing from Philadelphia, America's City of Brotherly Love, Ryan Tennis' music is all about dismantling boundaries and bringing people together. Genre-defiant by nature and with diversity at its core, his rousing songs are infused with the rhythms from the many countries he’s visited during his extensive tours. While his performances are dynamic and danceable, Tennis’ voice and songs have a disarming sweetness that lowers your defenses and lets you breathe easy. Ryan is supported by Emily Drinker.

Kleiner Einblick hier.

Eintritt frei, mit Kollekte.

Bar ab 14 Uhr, Konzert 20 Uhr.

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